December 20, 2009

Mushy roomies :-)

My earliest memories of mushrooms go back a long way to my teenage years. In Mangalore, one could find these umbrella-shaped forms growing in damp places, spots of white against the dark brown soil. Amma used to joke that they carried their houses on their heads :-)! Needless to say, they made a very pretty picture!

I don't remember when I first sampled mushrooms, but I do remember this - I didn't like the taste at all! So you could imagine my trepidation when CN, one of my roommates, bought a bunch of mushrooms for some culinary experiment. The smell of the cooking mushrooms was nauseating to say the least. Moreover, it was all-pervading. No matter where I went to escape that smell, it found its way to every nook and cranny of our house until I was forced to open the window and catch a whiff of the sub-zero cold air outside! A couple of hours and a frozen face later, I scurried back to the sanctuary of my room. The ordeal was over!

No matter where I went, I made it a point not to order anything that contained mushrooms. But alas, vegetarian food abroad more often than not contained mushrooms, and I couldn't fathom the reason as to how vegetarians liked it! A casual discussion with a friend who was trying to be vegetarian revealed that the taste of cooked mushrooms is akin to that of meat! Aaaarrrrgggghhh !

Slowly, my palette rediscovered the flavor of mushrooms thanks to stir-fried varieties in Thai and Chinese cuisine. I have gone as far as having them as a pizza topping. Till date, I love the sight of mushrooms growing but remain non-committal with regards to the taste.

November 21, 2009

With thy blessings.........

Come exam-time and I see most parents sweating it out along with their kids. Along with their work, coaching their most-of-the-time-recalcitrant kids sends their stress levels skyrocketing. On the kids' part, when was studying ever fun?

Looking back, my parents had it really easy, all thanks to me ;-)! Not that I loved studies; I used to fall asleep the moment I opened my Physics textbook :D! But somehow, I managed to pass with flying colours in all aspects of my education. Perhaps, I had His blessings all along......and freverently hoping that I will.



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My entry into the world of photography was due to sheer curiosity. When I was young, come any family function and there I was clicking away to glory with my Amma's film Canon Camera. With the onset of my salary days (aaaah!), I graduated to an HP point-and-shoot digicam, and now, I am the proud owner of a Canon 40D DSLR :-)! Working with this camera has been pleasure exemplified to the power of n :D! I took me the better part of an year to figure out the manual mode of this camera and with every photo shoot, I am discovering not only some new aspects of the intricate workings of the SLR but also about me as a photographer. The passion to capture and store these time-frames only to revisit them later reigns supreme. This blog is to showcase some photos which I hold dear to my heart either due to some technical know-hows or the fond memories involved. Enjoy maaDi :-)!

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